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What is titulare

Titulare is a one-man business specialized in subtitling

Through the years, hundreds of thousands of people have read my subtitles on numerous television channels and in different cinemas. They have probably done so without realizing it, but that does not make me less proud of it. Because there is nothing wrong with being proud of professionalism. And I won’t settle for less.

Titulare provides professional subtitles and related services (see below) for the following language combinations. The target language is always Dutch (for Belgium), my mother tongue (except for English > English), but I also offer other combinations in cooperation with one or more colleagues (just ask for it):

English > Dutch (Belgium)
English > English (for the deaf and hard of hearing)
German > Dutch (Belgium)
Spanish > Dutch (Belgium)
Dutch (Belgium/The Netherlands) > Dutch (Belgium)


For TV

I have subtitled thousands of hours of TV since 2006. My work could and can be seen during broadcasts on almost all Flemish cable TV channels, some drawing up to a million viewers.


For cinema

Subtitling for the cinema is somewhat different, as films in Belgium are usually shown with both French and Dutch subtitles, with a line for each language.

Some of my subtitles were shown at international film festivals.



For the internet

A professional YouTube video for your business or product in need of subtitles? Don’t rely on Google Translate if you want a correct and professional result. After all, a video that goes viral, can be seen by millions of viewers (and potentional customers) all around the world.



until 2015

Who is titulare


Hi there.

My name is Len Van Renterghem.

I graduated in 2006 as a ‘Master in Applied Linguistics’ (that’s ‘Translation Studies’ for you and me) and have been subtitling films, documentaries, series, corporate films… full-time ever since, as well as  giving courses on subtitling to adults and youngsters.

  • Master in Applied Linguistics, Hogeschool Gent (Belgium) | 2002-2006
  • Erasmus exchange programme, Universidad de Granada (Spain) | 2005
  • Full-time subtitler| 2006 – …
  • Subtitling teacher | 2010 – …
  • Fiction
  • Medical
  • Promotional
Software and hardware
  • Spot 6 subtitling software
  • Windows 10 | Office 2016
  • Cable internet connection

Why choose me

In time

You always get your subtitles in time.

We agree on a clear deadline.


I use the latest professional software

and am able to deliver the most common file types.


A good subtitle is 'spotted' exactly right.

It comes and goes at the right moment.


You don't pay a go-between or agency,

but get a direct line to your subtitler.


Errors affect your credibility.

Each project is thoroughly checked.

How much will I cost you

I fully understand that you’ve come to this website looking for some clear information on rates. That’s why I’ve tried to give you some of my most common rates below (excluding VAT). Please note that a supplement may be applicable for certain projects. So don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.



One subtitle will cost you the round sum of €1.
What is a subtitle? Generally, it is one or two lines of text, depending on the source text.
How many subtitles are in my video? Unfortunately, I’m unable to tell you beforehand. It depends on the speakers and how often they pause (or don’t pause). Ten minutes of video will leave you with more or less 125 subtitles.
Isn’t that very expensive then? I understand that €125 may seem like a lot of money for having 10 minutes of video subtitled, but it is a complex and very time-consuming process.


,08 EUR

Translating the voice-over, the background voice providing extra information on what is happening on screen, costs €0.08 per target word. The result is a Word or PDF document (with timecodes) and can be recorded by a professional voice actor.



Are you looking for a transcription of a spoken recording? I charge €5 per minute of video or audio. This service is only provided for Dutch (both for Belgium and The Netherlands) and English.



Revising or proofreading another subtitler’s work will set you back €40 per hour of work. I’ll make sure the final result no longer contains spotting or language errors and can safely be broadcast during your meeting or presentation.



A subtitling course in your business (for your communication department, perhaps) or school will cost you €50 per hour, excluding transport and/or accommodation costs. We discuss the essentials details in advance, of course (level, duration, software, hardware, …) Feel free to ask me about the possibilities..


Any questions? Looking for an offer free of engagement?

Contact me by sending an e-mail directly to the address below or by filling in the form in the side bar, which opens when you click the envelope in the top menu bar.
I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Comercaatsweg 29
9980 Sint-Laureins

IBAN: BE04 7370 2898 2431
VAT number: BE 0883992969